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All diamonds for our custom made Greater Toronto area diamond engagement rings include our personalized guarantee and warranty, in addition to a life time cleaning.

Different Sized Diamonds



Beneath is a graph we've designed to enlighten Lucio's Gold customers regarding how to purchase their perfect Toronto Diamond!!!


Carat Diamond Weight Chart

Carat Weight

A carat is really a unit of measurement utilized to weigh a diamond. One particular carat is equivalent to 200 mg. Carat weight is commonly known as in points or fractions. Just one carat is made up of 100 points. For instance, .50 carats may be defined as 50 points or 1/2 of any carat weight.

Carat is the most essential element when determining the worth of a diamond. Having said that because of greater or reduced superior rankings, diamonds of equivalent carat can be frequently really be worth significantly much more or much less than it's equivalent weight comparable version.




Diamond Colour Chart


Expensive diamonds are available in a wide selection of colours which depending on it's rarity, will impact a diamonds worth. The most typical scale utilized to price a diamonds color is definitely an alphabetical scale commencing in the colour D. This is actually the whitest or most natural colour achievable in the diamond, also referred to as pure white.

Needless to say diamonds graded nearest to the prime on this degree are evaluated in a greater worth as opposed to those having a yellowish shade.



Diamond 4c'sClarity
Totally free of all imperfections or inclusions. Internally faultless diamonds consist of only exterior imperfections     which could typically be produced faultless with minimal re-polishing.

VVS1 and VVS2
These levels may possibly include small blemishes so little or so minor that they're hard to discover below a 10x magnification.

VS1 and VS2
These levels may possibly consist of small blemishes of the measurement, number as well as placement in between these  are hard to identify and the ones which are, are fairly quite prominent beneath a 10x magnification.

SI1 and SI2
These grades include apparent blemishes which can be very easily noticeable underneath a 10x magnification. Typically the blemishes will likely be positioned in the center and recognized instantly once the natural stone is evaluated.

I1, I2, and I3
The imperfect classes include blemishes which might be noticeable when looked at underneath a 10x magnification and which might be apparent towards the unaided observation in the face-up position.



Diamond Cut Chart

Along with frequently imagined, a diamonds cut doesn't make reference to its form. A diamonds cut essentially describes its depth and width, and also the consistency of it's features.

The beauty of any diamond is intensely dependent upon how good the diamond is cut. A properly cut stone displays the fiery colours from deep inside the diamond by allowing the greatest level of lighting that makes its way into throughout the table to become reflected back again throughout the table and also to the person. A improperly cut diamond will take up light throughout the diamonds table and release the lighting from the edges, as opposed to sending it back again via the top of the diamond. This reduced degree of reflected lighting eventually consequences the diamonds glow or flame.


The 5th C, and most essential is Price.  At Lucio's Gold Wholesalers we collaborate closely with our Greater Toronto area customers and diamond distributors throughout the country to obtain the ideal Canadian diamond for the perfect cost.

All diamonds are hand picked by Lucio himself. 

As soon as the “perfect” diamond is selected we focus on a design and style that's customized and made to fit for “her”.  Lucio's Gold Toronto Diamond professionals are there to inform and educate our customers to enable them to make a stress free decision…this is one of the most exciting purchases you will ever make.  It is the start of your FAMILY and we want to ensure it goes off without any issues!!


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