Toronto Tungsten Wedding Band

Tungsten Rings, a vintage off white and a shiny white colored, the two of which will maintain a long lasting shine. Tungsten wedding rings are extremely solid, hypo-allergenic, remarkably scratch-resistant, and tarnish-resistant with a significant feel in weight. It is preferably suitable for an individual with an energetic Greater Toronto area way of living.



Titanium is a exceptional and robust precious metal with unbelievable benefit for men's toronto wedding bands.  Our men's Titanium Bands

Titanium Wedding Bandare 99% natural and nickel free for hypo-allergenic benefits. Titanium is grey-white in coloration and is straightforward to shine in the course of the life time of the band. Titanium wedding bands are an unbelievable combination of light-weight toughness that will not tarnish and is corrosion-resistant. Due to the fact that titanium wedding bands are unbelievably light, it is simple to put on and is ideal for people with an dynamic life style.




Wedding bands contemporary platinum only increase in worth through time mainly because platinum is starting to be ever more rare. This treasured material is incredibly desired due to the fact of its unique jewelry durability and capability to produce a stunning aging that is exclusive to platinum. Men's platinum will only appear greater with time and this really should be considered into things to consider, nonetheless if you want your wedding band returned to a high-polish state, Lucio's Gold will be can do this with simplicity. 

The wedding bands and engagement rings you decide on will be just one of the most long lasting items of your marriage. Not only are they an significant aspect of getting wed, but they are also a extensive enduring icon of your appreciation and dedication. For that reason, you will want to decide on jewelry that is ageless and higher quality. In the long run, you'll also want to be an informed client who knows what you are acquiring for your money.


Wedding Ring Design – Toronto Wedding Bands or Engagement rings can be developed and produced accurately to your unique personalized preference and requirements. One of a kind designs can typically be produced in any precious metal, measurements, setting and utilizing any natural stone you wish. 

18 carat White Gold – The terminology  used for the word ‘carat’ describes how significantly genuine gold is comprised of the precious metal. 24 karat is 100% pure gold, eighteen karat is eighteen parts gold and six components other precious metals. Whitened gold is yellowish gold combined with a whitened metal such as nickel or palladium. 

9 carat White Gold – The name ‘carat’ identifies how much pure gold is comprised in the precious metal. Twenty Four karat is pure gold, nine karat is nine parts gold and fifteen parts other alloys. White-colored gold is yellow-colored gold merged with a whitened metal these kinds of nickel or palladium. 

Wax model – Bespoke items of jewelry, commonly Greater Toronto area Engagement rings or Toronto Wedding bands, a 3D soy wax design can be created to give a really feel of the placing and fit of your selected piece.  

18 carat Yellow Gold – The phrase ‘carat’ describes how significantly natural gold is comprised in the metal. 

9 carat Yellow Gold – The name ‘carat’ identifies how significantly real gold is comprised in the metal.





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