jacobkhalaf asked:

On 12/23/2007 I proposed to my girlfriend Angie at a Detroit Piston’s basketball game. When she see’s the basketball it reads “Angie, will you marry me, love Jacob” She says yes and now we’ve been married for over 2 years. Please post and share with everyone.

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25 Responses to Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER at a basketball game!

  1. mightydesign says:

    @jacobkhalaf They are Laker fans still mad from the 1989 finals and the 2004 finals. I know, I am still mad.

  2. jacobkhalaf says:

    @FlightlessClaudi that’s awesome… Thank you!!!

  3. FlightlessClaudi says:

    When I saw this I immediately thought that that’s how I want my boyfriend to propose

  4. angiebaj says:

    I was just about to comment on the 5 dislikes as well….wtf

  5. jacobkhalaf says:

    i don’t understand how there can be 5 dislikes on this proposal?

  6. Misorlou0 says:

    Nothing says romance like the Detroit Pistons

  7. mtri56 says:

    I have been watching sports propoals an this is the first one ive seen were she actually says “YES”

  8. jacobkhalaf says:

    Nick we were playing the houston rockets with yao ming and tracey mcgrady. It was a goodgame but I don’t remember who won.

  9. phelpsandtorres says:

    haha congrats, a public proposal that didn’t completely mortify the proposer and the proposee!

  10. nick199323 says:

    Go pistone Who were we playing?

  11. ms6729 says:

    how cute ^^
    wish you both all the best 🙂

  12. angiekhalaf says:

    @fox1701 THANK YOU (better late than never)

  13. angiekhalaf says:

    ACTUALLY I’m not but in comparison to my husband…yeah…i kinda look small. 🙂

  14. angiekhalaf says:

    Oh I was! it was awesome. And I had just gotten done telling him how cool it would be to be proposed at a half time or something at a sporting event…and he was planning this the whole time!

  15. angiekhalaf says:

    @ZuGame THANK YOU …took me forever to realize I could respond to posts here. LOL

  16. angiekhalaf says:

    @KingR3aper yeah no kidding and we are still going strong! 🙂

  17. satownhustler210 says:

    koo. she looked like she was surprised and excited.

  18. exiciez says:

    She’s a freakin’ midget.

  19. preada58 says:

    uh who’s under the mascot

  20. jacobkhalaf says:

    Thanks, she loved it and we keep the ball in a display case for the great memory.

  21. jacobkhalaf says:

    Thank you, that was a memorable moment for us

  22. jacobkhalaf says:

    LOL, oh yeah, but everything is all good now.

  23. jacobkhalaf says:

    Thank you

  24. fox1701 says:

    Congrats from Australia

  25. wheels0981 says:

    Did you start fighting right after this like piston fans do??

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