A Guide to Finding a Trustworthy Shop for Jewelry Repairs


Doing jewelry repairs is cheaper compared to buying new jewelry, especially if you are dealing with a precious stone and/or a precious metal, it is important if the jewelry has great sentimental value, and it brings down your insurance premiums if you have insured the jewelry. Jewelry repair could be precious stone replacement, stone setting and resetting, ring sizing and re-sizing, jewelry mounting and prong re-tipping, and jewelry cleaning. You could do your own jewelry repairs, but hiring a pro is more advantageous since pros have the necessary training, experience, tools, supplies, and tools, meaning you get professionalism and because you get unparalleled convenience (jewelry repair can be time and energy consuming).


There are many jewelry repair shops and this plus the fact that some are neither reliable nor credible makes the choice difficult. So, how do you ensure that you get the best repair shop? You could take the jewelry where you bought it since most jewelry stores also offer repair services, especially minor repair services such as cleaning. Consider going to a toronto jewelry repair shop that is recommended to you by your jewelry manufacturer like Lucio's Gold. This not only guarantees that you are getting a credible and reliable repair shop, you will also be sure that your warranty will not be void.


You could get recommendations of trustworthy jewelry repairs shops from friends, colleagues or relatives who have used the services of such shops before. This gives you firsthand information, but the information you get such as the cost will not be current and you will be restricted to a few repair stores. Consider the qualifications of the employees of the jewelry repair store and their experience. A trustworthy repair store is one that has been in business for several years. You could also determine trustworthiness or the lack of by considering certification by the relevant government and industry regulatory bodies, by considering feedback from consumer protection agencies, and by checking whether the shop is a member of the relevant professional body since such bodies have stringent rules and regulations that have to be followed by their members.


There are several don'ts when looking for trustworthy jewelry repairs stores. Do not trust ads, the Yellow Pages, or any other source of information that does self-promotion. Any repair shop that does not do the repairs in the store should lead to the ringing of warning alarms. Do not leave your jewels with anybody without a written agreement and without going through such agreements, especially the fine print section. Any repair shop that does not have the necessary equipment and supplies should also ring alarm bells in your head.


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