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A magical moment happens on Main Street, USA when a young man proposes to his girlfriend on a Summer evening in Disneyland® Resort.

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25 Responses to Disneyland Musical Marriage Proposal

  1. casperg148 says:

    I’m sorry.. but this was reaaaaaaaally cheesy..

  2. JelloJannet says:

    oops i meant HEART! not Circle!!!

  3. JelloJannet says:

    at 0:56 it looks like the people around them form a circle ^_^

  4. TisTigerLilly says:


  5. TehVidzShow says:

    Disney should make a hairless princess; So that little girls with cancer can feel beautiful

  6. domteo95 says:

    maybe he’s a staff. and used to singing these stuff.

  7. dahuterschuter says:


  8. ItsNoelDur says:

    Wait a minute.
    They met then a year later he purposed?

  9. budamiwaraq says:

    thay probably divorced since then. Problem?

  10. RainbowSherberts says:

    OMG i just noticed the girl that said its not everyday you see someone getting married on main street, is the girl from SHAKE IT UP ON DISNEY CHANNEL!

  11. RectulThreat says:

    you jealous bro ?

  12. RectulThreat says:

    why are all the girls getting married called erica ??????

  13. tiffanyw0501 says:

    Oh my goodness, that was so sweet. It made me cry!

  14. jackedup1707 says:

    you can tell the guy was a castmember!

  15. zxman351 says:

    they lived happily ever after, till he visited ashley madison….

  16. derbob1985 says:

    FAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. slike02 says:

    is this real??

  18. xSyllablesx says:

    Theres no way a guy could be that under control….he’d be far too nervous to sing and dance. Hes either an actor or the whole thing was set up but that’d be really sad cuz this was very romantic for the first minute

  19. wiseguyknowsit says:

    @namtak47 lol Disney spokesperson has spoken about it and said it was fake. I think I’ll believe them

  20. vmtaglepilipinas says:

    It looks like a performance by the Disneyland Cast

  21. MTVforum says:

    And then she said no.

  22. namtak47 says:

    This was a couple that worked at the park, and thats were they meet. That’s why the production was so good they knew the right people from working their. This was staged for her, this was for real.

  23. Dreamer00 says:

    @amyyyamy I once saw someone get married on Main Street. It was legit.

  24. iamwillbot says:

    1st Girl: “That’s good my feet are numb.”
    Girl in wheelchair: ಠ_ಠ

  25. Loviekinz says:

    I’d be like……….”Uhhhhhh nope don’t know this guy” *Starts walking away*

    On a serious note…… videos like this make me think there really are happily ever afters out there, and i’m seeking mine……….

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