BenchJeweler asked: The Bench Jewelers Television Network provides How-To Television shows designed for Bench Jewelers, Jewelry Makers, Goldsmiths, Stone Setters, and Master Jewelers. Bench Tips, Jewelry Design, Stonesetting, Jewelry Repair, Jewelry Making, Gemstone Setting, Diamond Setting and more is covered. Learn how to use jeweler's tools and equipment and how to use jewelry findings in your custom designed jewelry and repairs. Bench Television is produced BY Bench Jewelers FOR Bench Jewelers We Know and Understand Your Needs and Concerns. Jewelry Findings and Jeweler's Tools & Equipment are explained in detail. Each show is filled with high-quality instruction on jewelry making, jewelry repair, jewelry design, and gemstone setting by working jewelers who are masters of their craft. From Basic Techniques to Advanced Applications – From Centuries Old Procedures to the Latest in Technological Advancements, each episode provides accurate informative instruction from Professional Bench Jewelers on using precious metals and gemstones in your custom designed jewelry and repairs. Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Tools, and Technology — It's all here for you to view when you want, as often as you want. You will find extremely valuable information here that will help you become a better Bench Jeweler, Stonesetter, Jewelry Maker and Goldsmith. Whether you are just beginning your career as a Jeweler or a seasoned veteran of the bench, you will find extremely valuable information

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