Precious Stone Replacement and Other Services from a Jeweller


Jewellers not only sell jewellery, they also manufacture and repair the jewellery. It is important that you know what a jeweller or a gemmologist is capable of so that you know where to go in case you have a problem with your jewellery. Go for a jeweller who provides different services under one roof. Your jeweller will do precious stone replacement. This is basically the replacement of missing precious stones (such as emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, and rubies). Precious stone replacement is important since buying new jewellery is often more expensive, especially if the precious stone is set in a precious metal such as gold, titanium, and silver, it helps you keep jewellery that has great sentimental value to you, and it prevents your insurance premiums from going up.


Other than precious stone replacement, Lucio's Gold  or a gemmologist will do stone setting. Setting is done during the replacement of precious stones or in new jewellery pieces. Setting is basically the fusion of the base metal with a precious or a semi-precious stone using an adhesive and through other techniques. Popular setting methods are bezel setting, channel setting, grain setting, pavé setting, illusion setting, traditional claw setting, rubover setting, and tension/part tension setting.


Lucio's Gold jeweller will do ring sizing and ring resizing. Ring sizing is done when you first buy the ring such as when getting married while ring resizing is done when the ring can no longer fit you such as when you gain weight. The jeweller will do jewellery mounting and prong re-tipping. This action is taken to prevent the loss of precious stones that are loose in their setting.


Lucio's Gold will do jewellery cleaning and polishing. Jewellery restoration is important because it makes the jewellery as good as new and it increases its value. The jeweller will also do custom jewellery design. Custom jewellery design is increasingly popular and it involves the creation of completely new jewels in a process that you have completed over. The most popular methods today are hand fabrication and lost wax casting. The design will be made using 3D CAD (computer aided design) software. Most jewellers do watch repairs which involve watch battery replacement, watch crystal replacement, watch crown and step repair, watchband replacement, watch engraving, and watch inspection and cleaning. Go for a well-established, experienced, and trained jeweller to get value for your money in precious stone replacement and other services.


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