Watch Repairs – What Does it Entail?


Major watch repairs should be done by the manufacturer to avoid the voiding of the warranty and because manufacturers have the necessary spare parts and tools. Manufactures, however, still honour warranties when the watches are repaired in authorized dealerships, by watch repairmen, and by jewellers. It is important that you know what watch repairs entails so that you know what to expect.


Watch repairs could be watch battery replacement. Choosing the battery yourself could be time consuming since you will not know the most convenient place to get the battery and you may even fail to get the battery or get the wrong thing. This usually takes a few minutes since most repair shops have batteries or know where to source for them quickly.


The watch repair could be the replacement of the watch crystal. Watch crystals often get unsightly scratches and this could prevent you from enjoying wearing your watch proudly. A watch repairman or a jeweller could buff out these scratches using different tools and supplies. The repairman could even replace gauged or cracked crystals, including glass, plastic, and synthetic sapphire crystals.


Watch repairs could be the repair of watch stems and crowns. Stripped crowns make it impossible for you to wind your watch. If you have broken stems and crowns, a watch repairman will install a new crown and stem without disturbing the delicate movement of the watch.


Yet another element of our toronto watch repairs is the replacement of watch bands. Getting a good watch band that best matches your watch can be time consuming if you do not know where to look, but hiring a pro ensures that you have the right band for your watch. Most watch repairmen have their own watch bands from which you could choose and they know where to source for others.


Lucio's watch repairmen and jewellers will engrave your watch and make custom etchings of messages or monograms. Engravings are important when giving a watch as a gift and for security purposes. The repair could be watch inspection by disassembling it to determine whether or not it is functioning as it should. Inspection also allows the watch repairman or the jeweller to determine whether or not the watch needs cleaning. These watch repairmen and jewellers have the necessary tools and supplies to clean watches. You could also get any other service that you may want or need from repairmen and jewellers.


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